To become one of the leading invester in the agricultural sector by forming beneficial and
profitable partnership with smallholder farmers and other key stake holders in South Africa

To produce quality agricultural products using improved production, value addition and
marketing innovations for multiple benefits

Aim and Objectives :
The aim and objective of kedithabitha Agriculture and project (pty) ltd are as follows
.To use improved crop production techniques for a maximum enterprises profitability
. To form maturity beneficial partnership with individual farmers, local and foreign
investors,farmers group /associations, agri business and crop value chain.
.To process and market quality crop product at prices that are enough to meet all
production, marketing and management costs along the way market profit.


Kedithabitha agric and project (pty) ltd is a South African Agricultural business company
with its aim based in Hlagalakwena village farm no 001. The company was established in 2012
and has sector , and local economic development fields throughout south Africa. We have
develop strong and healthy relationship with our clients.In the year 2018 We won two top
female producer for the year Waterburg district and Lephalale municipality.

BBBEE Profile
A company has a strong affirmative action and employment equity policy and programme

BEE/HDI equity ownership in the company consist of 100% shares as follows;

1x Black Female Director (100% shares)

The company currently has employed a full time staff complement of 13people in the
farm .kedithabitha has a working relationship with more than 5 expects that are utilized (IF
and when required ) in the undertaking of assignment.

Full time professional staff : MISS TK CHAUKE

Company director

She is been involved in farming since 2008 and has been in there as a technical
advisor. As the owner Thabitha has shift her focus in community development through
employment and advising. She went through various training in Agriculture e.i. plant
production ,project management ,export and import .The company has particular experience,
capacity and expertise within the agricultural field. It has been extended networking and
working relationship with further 5 agricultural addition we have a pool of
agricultural graduates from agricultural colleges ) who are available part time.

Being a South African based company, we have extensive experience in the undertaking of
agricultural development project undertaken are
.plant production

Our company was formed to fill the voids for independent, objective, engineering services at
the production Agricultural grassroots as well as sophisticated research, demonstration, or
test facilities.

We have defined the products most needed and beneficial to our clientele, and geared on our
company to provide them

No project is to large or too small for us . we are committed to leading the state of – the- art
of agricultural production. Our work is backed by over quarter century of experience and
service in this field.